Why I Love Google Docs

When I first started using Google Docs and Sheets several years ago, I did so only because I was forced into it by the company that provided most of my freelance work. I personally preferred my Word document, and avoided Excel at all costs. But with time and use, I discovered that Sheets was more user-friendly than Excel (despite it being the same idea), and Docs kept my computer memory uncluttered and ensured that everyone on the team was working from the same page (no pun intended).

It was while editing for a major website overhaul for a Chicago non-profit that I began to understand all the benefits of Google Docs, especially when working remotely (as I do with the majority of my clients). As soon as the writer – who was based in the Windy City – would complete a page for me to review, I could pop in and start making edits and suggestions that she could see in real time. We never had to wonder if we were working from the most recent document or if my newest draft had made it through the email maze. It was this project, more than any other, that really sold me on utilizing this universal tool.

These days, as long as clients are okay with it (I have some who are, and some who are not), I prefer to use Docs for creating shared writing tasks and edits. Being able to look back and see what has been changed and by whom makes updates quick and easy and helps me instantly see what my clients are looking for, what kind of changes they like, and what type of voice they’re going for. Google Docs is an editor’s dream. 

If you’ve been dragging your feet on switching to Google due to concerns about cloud security, keep in mind that it’s in Google’s best interests to keep your information secure. Unless you share your document link – in theory – no one (outside of “Big Brother”) can see it. So while I wouldn’t recommend entrusting state secrets to Google drive, I wouldn’t bat an eye if you’re planning to use it for writing the next great business book or creating website pages about public architecture. Fear not…your hard work is safe with Google docs.

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